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Songbook Organizer

One of the main functions of this online tool is for musicians to keep an organized library of all of their music, like an online songbook. Whether the user wants to store lyrics, chords, tablature or notes, this site provides an application to do that. Users typically would do their standard searches online for tablature (tabs), chords or lyrics and then save them in this tool. As your library of songs starts to grow, you start to build a nice library of all your music and it can be thought of as a way to keep all of your sheet music and songs organized. Group all your songs into custom songlists for exporting and sharing.

Online Tablature Manager can be used as an online tablature application in order to store all of your tabs for all of your songs. By adding your tabs into your library, you can then view, edit and export all of your songs to various formats. Some of these formats include PDF, CSV (spreadsheet-ready) and TXT formats. You can export entire songbooks with a table of contents to use, producing a nice book of all of your tabs that you can save or print.

Online Chord Manager

In conjunction with your lyrics and tabs, you can store all of your chords with your music in your music library as well. You can add chord lines above your lyrics and keep a library of all of your chords for all of your songs. Once again, you can export all of these songs to a music book so that within seconds you can save or print a full music book with all of your lyrics and chords with a table of contents.

Save All Your Lyrics Online

If it's just lyrics you're interested in keeping a library for, once again, this site is perfect for that. By saving all of your lyrics in your library you can produce lyric books and export them to various formats and create song books to house all of your music.

Manage Your Setlists Online

This site is also a perfect place for performers to manage setlists and create random setlists for performances. Users can select hotlist items in their song lists and then produce setlists based off of those selections randomly. Just select the number of sets your playing and let the application generate a random setlist.

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