Below are a wide variety of questions and answers pertaining to which will hopefully answer some common questions you may have about our service.

What is this site for? provides a bundle of services for musicians or non-musicians who are looking for a place to store lyrics, chords and tablature. By storing the information on this site, the user has the ability to create songlists and setlists randomly or by selection and export these to various formats such as text, csv (XL-ready) or PDF format. Users can also create full songbooks of their music in similar formats and group their music into custom songlists. The goal is to create a one-stop shop to manage your all your music for performances.

Is my information secure?

Any information stored in is only accessible by the user who uploaded the data into the system. NONE of the data is shared, sold or used in conjunction with any other third party or service. The email collected is ONLY used for sending occasional account updates and to assist with password management. None of the music stored on the site is accessible by anyone else using the site. All data is restricted to the user id who originally stored it on the site. Is it locked down by 5 hand scans and biometric security? No. :) But your stuff is isolated to the user.

Am I going to get junk mail from this site?

NO! We occasionally send out release information about the site and utilize your email to send a password reset or important notice, but other than that, you will not receive many emails from this site.

Is my data backed up?

While cannot guarantee service, availability and redundancy, all systems are backed up nightly locally as well as weekly off-site and secondary redundant systems are in place as fail-over.

What is the hotlist for and how do I use it?

The hotlist checkboxes are a quick and easy way to single out all of the songs from your master songbook that you are identifying as ones you want to play. I, for example, may add songs to my songbook that are fairly new and perhaps not mastered yet - these I leave off the hotlist. Once you have a hotlist, you can easily use it on the 'my tools' page to very rapidly produce setlists, songlists and songbooks. This is a great way to be able to pop out a setlist from the songs you're comfortable with in seconds. If you're looking to have multiple groups of songs you can use the songlist feature where you can build as many custom groups of songs you wish and use these lists to export into custom songbooks.

Why is fixed width font used on the displays and exports??

Fixed width font is your friend when it comes to laying out pages and exports like this site does. If you have experience in the past with online tabs, you'll be familiar with this. By using fixed width, all letters and spaces take up the same width (like an old typewriter) so lining up tabs or chords with words becomes much easier and you don't lose formatting and widths with different letters.

Can I change the size and formatting of the fonts on the exports?

Currently no, but this will probably come down the road.

What is a csv file?

A CSV file is a comma separated variable file. It is a text file with variables separated by commas. Most spreadsheet programs allow you to open these files directly and will automatically put the data into rows and columns automatically for you to easily manipulate the data.

What is the deal with the n/, c/ and t/ prefixes on the song pages? offers a way to categorize your song lines in your pages by notes (n/), chords (c/) and tablature (t/) data. By placing these at the very beginning of a line, you can turn on and off any of these three items when viewing and printing your songs. This is optional and not required for the site to work correctly. This is extremely useful if you want to print out only lyrics, or turn off notes, or combine lyrics with chords only or tabs for printing songs and songbooks and is highly encouraged to get the full benefit of the features on the site. This is configurable from the account page and can be enabled or disabled.

How do I report bugs, suggestions or problems?

Please submit any problems, comments or suggestions via email to [email protected].

Can I help do development for the site? is not currently an open project and is not anticipated to become one. This may change at some point, but for now, development is closed.

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